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OpCom Global is led by two intrepid technology industry professionals with a combined 7 decades of experience, Mark Weir, CEO and founder of CMW Consultants Limited and Melissa Esquibel, President and founder of Melissa P Esquibel LLC. When they became acquainted in 2019, they realized that their willingness to seek solutions for their clients by considering the realm of possibilities, not just what was available “in the box,” made them a potential dream team in changing times. The times changed and these two put their heads together looking for opportunities to effect positive change in a world that was suffering from remarkably new challenges and old tool sets.

Melissa Esquibel

Melissa Esquibel has 4 decades in information technology experience. Starting early in her career in bank audit and data security, she gained a wholistic understanding of how organizations work and how technology needs to be integrated to accomplish business objectives. She has developed and presented custom curriculum designed to facilitate improved productivity, time-savings, and improved levels of efficiency through the strategic use of office technology applications and platforms. Her training programs have been delivered to thousands of participants in public and private webinars and through on-site courses at dozens of organizations, including many in the Fortune 500. She is a sought-after conference speaker, presenting at conferences around the world. She brings her special brand of no-nonsense information presented in with her trademark humor. This makes learning programs informative and enjoyable, even deeply technical topics. She holds several Microsoft certifications and has previously held a CBCP (Certified Business Continuity Professional). She creates and presents Microsoft Office certification courses and has served as editor and contributor to several technology-focused publications including Office Technology Today (Capitol Information Group) and ExecSecTech Digest (Marcham Publishing).

Mark Weir

Mark Weir, with his over 3 decades of experience in business technology, understands how business change and grow through advances in telecommunications and computing capabilities. A result driven entrepreneur with a proven track record in the UK and Global markets, Mark’s consultative approach is firmly based upon addressing customer requirements and objectives. He is a relationship-builder. And this finely honed skill of building valuable and long-lasting relationships serves his clients. His career journey allowed him to be involved in the initial proliferation of telecom services and follow its explosive expansion, helping telecom providers as well as heavy users of telecom services to optimize their business in the face of rapid and explosive change. Whether conducting software asset management audits or helping his clients defend the impact of these audits, Mark applies his years of experience and keen insight to find solutions that continue to yield dividends into the future. Fixing problems is one thing. Helping businesses build in resiliency is to enable them to carry their success into an uncertain future.

Our Training


OpComGlobal locates courses taught by certified instructors who have a focus on growing and encouraging individuals interested in pursuing higher career goals. Then we support them through mentorship and coaching through accomplishment of their goals.